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Customized Solutions, One Customer at a Time


The very notion of a “solution” has become overused and overpromised, like “quality” and “service.” As a result, “customer solutions” echo will-fit parts. Sure it’s gonna-kinda fit, but will it work? Will it solve your immediate problem and get you the results you need? Is there anybody assuring you that it will? Do you feel important, or are you all alone on this one?

True customized solutions are rare. We’ve confused “customer solutions” for the same thing. There’s a significant difference, but we often miss the nuance. Here’s why.


Customized coating solutions come about when a finisher with a unique challenge meets a partner willing to help overcome the problem (or leverage a rare opportunity) he couldn’t (or shouldn’t) manage alone.

Together they can tackle challenges such as quality control; color and finish matching; inventory demands; time and cost management; maximizing equipment and limiting exposure to increasing environmental regulations. A true customized solution provider keeps you in the know and your business moving ahead.

Hint: You won’t find customized solutions on any shelf but yours. And you shouldn’t find customized solutions for general consumption on any website, in any call center or on any order form. Custom solutions are not for everyone because no two customers are alike. There’s a huge difference.


There are more than 300,000 “distributors” (of all flavors) in the United States. Last I checked, the total U.S. wholesale annual trade for the industry totaled nearly $5.25 trillion. Most of that business is rote and automated in the classic model of wholesale: buy, and then resell at a profit. It works and, most of the time, that’s all we need. The orders are faceless transactions with a description, quantity and delivery expectations. Stuff comes in, stuff goes out. It’s a customer solution most finishers want.

In the paint and coatings sectors, this model amounts to cans on the shelf or barrels on the floor so to speak. The processing almost runs by itself. Orders come in; product is dispensed, packed, shipped and billed. It’s a business model that works best when there are lots of customers ordering the same thing. It’s also a great solution for most finishers, most of the time. When you need to source goods or maintain an inventory, the best policy is keep it simple.


For 35 years, Accessa Coatings Solutions has led by accruing technical know-how, encouraging creative partnerships and solving customer problems, big and small. They’ve built a rare business model that can speed reaction time to capture opportunities that might get away from you otherwise. They have experience working with multiple paint manufacturers and customers in different industries. This gives them gainful competitive insight to find a solution fast.

They also offer access to some of the most innovative products on the market. Accessa partners with pioneers in research and development of innovative coatings including AcromaPro, Industria Chimica Adriatica (ICA), Niles Chemical Paint (NCP), Gemini Coatings, IVC Industrial Coatings, PPG, EZ Stains, Sayerlack, General Finishes and others.


Next time you’re feeling alone with your problem, look for a coatings specialist like Accessa Coatings Solutions to assure you’ve made the right decision. They have the experience, integrity and the business model to accommodate a true customized solution process. It will help you stay competitive and feel good doing so.

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